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Problem number 1- Flashing Yellow Light

The "yellow light of death" (YLOD) begins following a major hardware failure. Many people are believing that 9/10 YLODs result from bad solder joints on the motherboard, while 1/10 result from power supply errors.

Try these.

1. See if there is a loose lead, otherwise, restart your console.

2. Unplug all leads except the ability cord, and plug them back in.

3. Update Firmware.

4. correct the Motherbord or Power Supply Unit with a PS3 repair guide.

5. mend Hard Drive

Problem Number two - 2 Flashing Red Lights

The "red light of death" happens following a massive Hard disk failure. This really is separate from the YLOD, as the YLOD indicates to some failure with the motherboard

Try these.

1. Check if there's a loose cable, if not, restart your console.

2. Unplug all wires except the ability cord, and plug it well in.

3. Update Firmware.

4. mend Motherbord or Power Supply Unit with a PS3 repair guide.

5. mend Hard disk

Problem number 3 Red light/Yellow

Red Light Turning Yellow errors could be with either Motherboard or hard drive failure effecting the CPU or GPU.

Fix Needed. PS3 Repair Guides might help here

Problem Number 4 - Ps3 Freezing

Was your Playstation 3 hot when the freezes happened? Or it may be with dust clogging around the game discs or not enough hard disk space

Try to cool it down by putting your ps3 off. This actually might solve the freezing problems.

Check Game Disc, wipe with real soft cloth.

Ensure 50% free hard disk space

Problem Number 5 - Ps3 Hard Drive Problems

malfunctions with your PS3 hard disk? you need to remove Hard disk and power on. If you still begin to see the yellow light blinking, then your hard disk has no malfunctions

reparatie ps3

Problem Number 6 - 3 Beeps

3 Beeps and Flashing Red Light Again this occurs when PS3 is overheated. Or whenever you eject when there's no game disc inside, or eject once the game is running, or else you switch off the television before PS3 turns off etc..

Do this

Allow PS3 for cooling down, and then try to switch it on

Problem 7 - Stuck Disc Game disc stuck inside

switch off PS3 from back. Place your finger on the eject button and when you do, push the switch behind to switch the PS3 on, and then push the eject button. Hold it like this for Just a few seconds, or until the drive needs open.

Problem 8 - Blue-ray Disc

When the Blu-Ray isn't working on your PS3, then it's simply broken Do that first, try cleaning the lens, and when it doesn't work, then you'll need to fix the whole drive

Problem 9 - Flashing Green Light

Firstly, it could be an trouble with the HDD software, or the firmware itself, or it could be a standard fix as switching off the PS3 and resetting Do Reset, by switching off after which turn on. Or Update the Firmware 10 Firmware Issues When you switch off the PS3, as the HDD indicator light is flashing, might cause corruption. Or a game may be corrupted. Or perhaps your new firmware may be creating a YLOD. Go to the Recovery menu by activating (frequency higher 2 beeps) and restore default settings.